How do I get my Soul Code?
Your Soul-Code drawing gives you a sense of direction and deep comfort because it emanates the frequency of Light that your Soul resonates with. 

That resonance opens your super-conscious, allowing you to embrace the beautiful being you know you truly are. 

Your Soul-Code can even help you make big life decisions and draw more loving support into your life as you absorb strength and resilience from its Energy.

Several Arch Angels provided this flowing Light Code for Emotional Protection.  Call upon this Light Code’s Energy to enhance your deepest inner knowing that your Soul’s Light is innocent and pure, even when others seek to condemn, or blame you. You belong, you are allowed, you are loved.

The sweet interplay of harmonic vibrations, whether it is musical, or energetic, causes a pleasant emotional expansion... an inner warmth that opens pathways of love in our brains.
This Love Light Code resonates with those fluid, harmonic vibrations. It encourages the Emotional Body to come into alignment with harmony, fulfilling our need for connection and keeping us on the path of deep inner love. As within, so without. Inner love opens the door to love with others.

What’s included in a Soul-Code session?

Your Soul-Code drawing as a digital image in a vibrant color, a recording of the session, and a written message from your Light-Being helpers.

When will I get my Soul-Code session?

You will receive a confirmation email directly after purchase including a digital gift certificate with instructions on how to schedule your Soul-Code Session any time within 12 months of purchase.

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*You will receive a digital gift certificate with instructions on how to schedule the Soul-Code Session at your convenience within 12 months of purchase.
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It's amazing how many trauma responses we have, but we don't realize they come from trauma.

Even thinking of our mind-loops, negative self-talk, & addictive behaviors as trauma-based can feel totally blown out of proportion and victim-y. 

But, let me ask you this... how long have you been trying to overcome those irritating behaviors? 

How long have you been fighting confusion, hyper-vigilance (always having to know what is happening around you), ultra-independence ("I can do it myself!!!" was always a big one for me), or countless other trauma responses?

I had a lovely, easy childhood with a nice family who really cared about each other, so how could I possibly be affected by trauma? (eh, hem... anyone else suffer from past-life trauma? Strange fears, scary dreams that you've never forgotten, "memories" of being incarcerated/burned at the stake, etc.??) 

Past-life memories, buried memories from childhood and Ancestral trauma are very real and rather difficult for conventional therapists to treat. We end up feeling like we just aren't good/strong/powerful enough to find the right partner, love ourselves, feel happy, be successful, eat right, kick that addiction, ________________ fill in the blank!

I know what that feels like. I know how to unwind that deeper, invisible trauma. I can help you put an end to all of that struggle and Align your brilliant Inner Light.

You are worthy of 8 weeks of deep re-connection with your Soul's Original Resonance.
Let's find your best path forward, together!

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